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PGY 3 Residents

Rachel Asher, MD
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Rachel grew up in Chicago and attended Northwestern University for college and UIC College of Medicine prior to coming to BWH for psychiatry residency. She had the opportunity to work with political asylum-seekers as a case manager and participate in mental health research in spine surgery patients prior to medical school. During medical school, she continued this research and became involved with Unsilence, a human rights education nonprofit. These experiences continue to inspire her academic and clinical interests, which include narrative medicine, theoretical and scientific foundations of psychiatric diagnosis, and the neuroscience of consciousness. Her hobbies include meditation, creative writing, and spending time by the ocean. 


Nishant Gupta, MD
State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine

Nishant studied at CUNY Brooklyn College, where he majored in Business Administration. During medical school, he pursued research on the association between pretreatment depression and treatment adherence with women with gynecological cancers. He also studied the effect of early life stress in nonhuman primate maternal—infant dyads on HPA axis biomarkers.  Nishant co-founded the Entrepreneurship Club to engage medical students in health-care entrepreneurship. He enjoys Formula 1, Movies, Computer Building/Technology, and Gardening.


Michael Hsu, MD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Michael grew up in Maryland and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Computational Biology at the College of Arts and Sciences (2012) and a BS in Operations and Informations Management at the Wharton School of Business (2012). He worked as a healthcare consultant in Boston before attending medical school at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (where he was born). During undergrad, he observed healthcare disparities in Philadelphia and volunteered with and fund raised for free clinics. During medical school he volunteered at a local free clinic in Baltimore as a clinic manager and co-director of the Grants Committee. He also worked with faculty at the Bloomberg School of Public Health to develop policy solutions addressing the rising prices of branded and generic pharmaceutical drugs that contribute to health inequalities. He became interested in Psychiatry as a first year medical student and pursued research opportunities on traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and age-related biological predictors of outcomes and helped develop a telemedicine program at a community TBI clinic. He is interested in community psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, and medical psychiatry. He enjoys playing tennis and basketball, snowboarding, playing guitar, cooking and hanging out with his wife Olivia.


Sanjali Kumar, MD
Creighton University School of Medicine

Hi! My name is Sanjali, which is a confusing name, I know. It’s a combination of my parents’ names, which is the kind of dorky-sweet thing that happens when you’re the first kid to be born on both sides of your family. I grew up (with every substitute teacher mispronouncing my name) in Texas, and then Southern California, where I attended UCLA and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Psychobiology. After that, I completed my first two years of medical school at Creighton University’s home campus in Omaha, NE, and the second two years at Creighton’s satellite campus in Phoenix, AZ. And now, I am so excited to add BWH and the East Coast to my list of adventures! Throughout the span of cities and training facilities I have called home during my life, I have been drawn to working with underserved populations at free clinics, both locally and internationally. I hope to continue this momentum and build a holistic career in cultural psychiatry. In my free time, I love all kinds of dancing, theater, traveling, petting dogs, and exploring Netflix.


Arya Shah, MD
Mayo Medical School

Arya was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and attended the University of Southern California for her undergraduate degree in neuroscience. She surprisingly chose to make the trek east to Rochester, MN where she completed medical school at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. Not feeling like she had moved east enough, she traded the tundra for the Atlantic Ocean when she moved to Boston to pursue a residency in psychiatry. She currently makes hot yoga, Pilates, painting, ice cream, and embroidery a part of her daily life as a resident. She has explored medical ethics and narrative writing during her residency and hopes to make them a part of her future psychiatry career, whatever and wherever that may be!


Erica Siwila-Sackman, MD
Tufts University School of Medicine

Erica majored in Economics, minored in Neuroscience, and worked in a memory disorders clinic while completing her undergraduate degree at Williams College. She then worked as a clinical researcher on an osteoporosis study and later a stroke study before completing her premed postbac at Tufts University. In medical school, she was a member of AOA, served on multiple curriculum committees, taught medical interviewing to first year students, volunteered as a co-leader for a program that facilitates intergenerational relationships with seniors, and conducted home visits with seniors in the community.  She is interested in Geriatric Psychiatry. Erica enjoys cooking, hiking, running, and playing with her dogs.


Amy Uber, MD
Michigan State university College of Human Medicine- Grand Rapids  

Amy was born and raised in the metro-Detroit area and attended Harvard University for her undergraduate degree, where she studied evolutionary biology and psychology. She went on to medical school at Michigan State University and also completed a Sarnoff Research Fellowship. She is excited to join Brigham Psychiatry after completing her internship in emergency medicine at Brigham and Mass General Hospital. Professionally, Amy is interested in clinical research, psychiatric ethics, and will likely go on to work part-time CL, part-time adult outpatient. Her hobbies include rec-league sports, camping the Northeast, and hanging with her cats.


Tasia York, MD
University of Kentucky College of Medicine  

Tasia was a Psychology major and Biological Sciences minor at the University of Kentucky. Tasia first developed an interest in psychiatry when reading memoirs written by patients chronicling their journeys with mental illness. As an undergraduate, she did two years of research on opiate use disorders and the manifestations of withdrawal in rural communities in Kentucky. In medical school, Tasia was a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society and was elected president of the UK College of Medicine Ambassadors, serving as a mentor to rural high school students pursuing careers in medicine. Tasia also volunteered as a medical student peer support. Tasia enjoys music, reading, crocheting, writing, and spending time with her husband and son.



Samantha Taylor, MD
University of Florida College of Medicine

Samantha is a proud third-year Child Track resident in the BWH/HMS Psychiatry Training Program. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Notre Dame with a major in Science-Business. She subsequently graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine top quartile in her class and was awarded the North Central Florida Counsel Medical Student Award in recognition of Outstanding Performance in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Samantha has demonstrated a long standing interest in working with children and adolescents. Prior to residency, Samantha worked multiple summers as a cabin counselor at an overnight nonprofit camp for children with chronic and life threatening medical conditions. During medical school, Samantha completed a community based project which supported the initiation of a neighborhood-based parent support program for early childhood education. During residency, Samantha has pursued numerous scholarly interests as a member of the Child Track. Amongst these have included a quality improvement initiative to implement a novel delirium screening tool in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU at Boston Children’s Hospital, the completion of a book chapter on child and adolescent cannabis use disorder through the Massachusetts General Hospital, and an ongoing systematic review evaluating cultural sensitivity in technology interventions for depression through Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with Columbia University. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys running along the Charles River and singing as a member of the Longwood Chorus, 70-voice ensemble of healthcare employees.

Ivana Viani, MD
Harvard Medical School

Ivana completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Biology at Fairleigh Dickinson University where she conducted research in animal behavior and social, forensic, and cognitive psychology. During this time, she also studied neuroscience of pain in Dr. Kathryn Albers’ lab at the University of Pittsburgh, and carried out evolutionary psychology experiments in the lab of Dr. Steven Pinker at Harvard University. At Harvard Medical School, Ivana was the co-president of the American Women’s Medical Association’s Harvard chapter, co-president of the Psychiatry Student Interest Group, Editor-in-Chief of the student-run journal of literature and the arts (, and she served on the Committees on Admissions and Financial Aid as a student representative. For her research on ethical decision-making of physicians during armed conflict, Ivana was awarded the Soma Weiss Award for Excellence in Research, and she presented her work at the International Congress on Law and Mental Health and at the International Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Health Law sponsored by the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. Ivana also researched the effects of exposure to arts and humanities in medical education on medical students’ resilience and risk of burnout, and for two years served as a Teaching Assistant for Training the Eye: The Art of Physical Diagnosis class at Harvard Medical School. She worked as an instructor for a number of other classes at the school and spent a semester as a Teaching Fellow in a Science of Living Systems class at Harvard University. In her spare time, Ivana serves her community as a youth mentor and looks for ways to incorporate arts and humanities into the medical training of physicians.

Research Track Resident

Natalie Feldman, MD
University of Chicago Division of the Biological Sciences The Pritzker School of Medicine

Natalie was born and raised in Palo Alto, California. She majored in Psychology at Harvard, and worked on cognitive neuropsychology research. After college, she worked at a Bipolar and Mood Disorders Clinic in California, and then completed a post-baccalaureate program at Bryn Mawr. She attended medical school at the University of Chicago. She is on the research track at BWH, and is interested in Women’s Mental Health and technological innovations in psychiatry. She enjoys theater, knitting, spinning, and attempting overly ambitious cooking projects.
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