PGY 4 Residents

Jamie Cohen, MD
Tufts University School of Medicine

I am originally from Long Island, very close to Billy Joel’s old stomping grounds.  Though I very much enjoyed my younger years, I decided for a change of scenery after high school, and moved up to Maine where I attended Bowdoin College.  My interests throughout this time were fairly split between Government (my major), specifically Political Theory (my concentration), and Biology (my minor). 

During college, I spent some time working on summer lobster heart physiology research, coordinating an organization that brought student music to local places in the community, like hospitals and nursing homes nearby, joining a swing dancing club, and playing the guitar at any college events I could find. 

I went straight through to medical school at Tufts.  I enjoyed multiple third year rotations there, but I found that psychiatry was absolutely the best specialty for me.  I found myself drawn to the incredibly varied and unique stories of patients who were on the psychiatry in-patient unit, and the powerful and meaningful effect that things like psychotherapy and psychotropic medications could have on helping to make people feel better. 

 I am trying to keep an open mind as to what my future focus in psychiatry may be.  That being said, I have some ideas, which may include out-patient adult psychiatry, with current special interest in personality disorders and anxiety disorders.

Some of my interests outside of medicine include playing music, currently my most frequently used instrument is the guitar, singing, jogging, and reading.  I also very much enjoy spending time with my wife, and planning for the arrival of our first child this fall.  Overall, I am so excited to be continuing with psychiatry residency at such an outstanding place this year!






Brittany Crowley, MD
Drexel University College of Medicine

Brittany was born and raised in Vermont, just outside of Burlington. Attended UConn for undergraduate study and medical school at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Plans to pursue fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry. Particular interests include early psychosis, autism spectrum disorder and working with LGBT youth. Currently chief resident of inpatient psychiatry at BIDMC. Interests outside of medicine include snowboarding, watching football on Sundays, trying out new vegetarian recipes, and hiking with my 7-year-old rat terrier, Moose.


Megan Dawson, MD
Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

Completed a bachelor’s of science in biology, focusing on comparative anatomy.  She then worked in research before attending medical school at Penn State Hershey.  She is currently a 4th year resident primarily working at the Brigham outpatient psychiatry clinic.  She is interested in geriatric psychiatry, psychoanalysis and consult psychiatry. 

PGY 4 Residents

Nerissa Duchin, MD
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Nerissa was born and raised in Massachusetts and completed her undergraduate degree at Tufts University and medical school at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She is currently chief resident at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center and is interested in community psychiatry. Interests include spending time with family and friends, spending time outside, and playing board games.

Brady Lonergan, MD
University of Kansas School of Medicine

Attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA for undergraduate education. Majored in Ancient History. Attended the University of Kansas School of Medicine for medical education. Previous research experience looking at patient opinions regarding composite endpoints relating to heart health and more recently relating to transcranial magnetic stimulation. History of medicine research experience specifically relating to the role of the Orthodox Church in Byzantine healthcare. Specific interests within psychiatry include thought disorders and medical psychiatry. Current HLPRTP/BWH program co-chief.

Omar Mazher, MD
University of South Alabama College of Medicine

I completed my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Auburn University (War Eagle!). I subsequently worked as a pharmacy technician and academic/student-athlete tutor before completing my medical degree at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. My interests currently are inpatient psychiatry and pain medicine. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and playing soccer and racquetball. I have an interest in different languages, cultures, music, and international cuisine.

Damien Miran, MD
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Southwestern Medical School

My two brothers and I grew up in Rochester, NY. In high school my younger brother and I wrestled on our school team and spent a lot of time traveling to different tournaments. After high school my older brother and I studied at the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH where I studied molecular genetics and Spanish. During college I studied abroad in Spain and was involved in different film related activities like managing the campus movie theater for a year. During the summers in college and high school, I worked in my family’s business where I ran a hot dog car in downtown Rochester. After graduating I moved to Dallas, TX for medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern. I knew early on that I was interested in psychiatry and later developed interests in addiction and forensic psychiatry. I was also interested in global health and worked in clinics and hospitals in Mexico, Ecuador, and Portugal during medical school. Outside of psychiatry I like hiking and being outdoors. I spend most of my non-work time watching movies.

Katiuska Ramirez, MD
Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but my parents are from Lima, Peru. We moved to the U.S. when I was five-years-old, and I grew up in a vibrant Hispanic community in South Florida. I completed a double major in Biology and Spanish and a minor in Latin American Studies at the University of Florida. Go Gators! After graduating from UF, I returned to South Florida to attend the Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine in Miami. I was thrilled to enjoy Cuban bread and cortaditos on a regular basis again. I was the first person in my family to attend college, and then four years later, I became the first person in my family to attend medical school. I am incredibly appreciative of my parents’ support and hard-working example. Currently, I have an interest in child and adolescent psychiatry as well as community psychiatry. Outside of psychiatry, my interests include Latin American literature, animated movies, nature shows, forensic shows, musicals, and music concerts.

Cara Toretta, MD
Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

Cara was an engineering major at MIT where she received her Bachelors and Masters degrees. Following her Masters program, she worked for a management consulting company in Boston that focused on healthcare. Subsequently joined the charter class of a new medical school – Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in Michigan. During medical school she was active in AMWA and was a founding member of the campus chapter. Cara enjoys playing ice hockey, cooking, the visual/performing arts and traveling. She is currently the Longwood co-program chief resident. ​

Jennifer van Lunteren, MD
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Jenny was born and raised outside Cleveland, Ohio and attended college at the George Washington University in Washington, DC where she majored in psychology and volunteered at the National Institutes of Health.  After taking a year to work in a basic science tuberculosis lab at Case Western Reserve University and another year to study the post-war mental health of civilians at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, she attended medical school at Saint Louis University and then moved to Boston for residency.  Her areas of interest in psychiatry include PTSD, psychotherapy and global mental health.  She enjoys cooking, traveling, dogs and visiting national parks.

Scott Walker, MD
University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

As part of my MPH, I produced a video in Haitian Creole that focused on diabetes education on individuals with newly diagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes.  Prior to medical school, I began a PhD in Art History at Boston University, which I decided to put on hold after receiving my Masters.  After I graduated with my Bachelors from Emory University, I spent 2 years in Matsuyama, Japan teaching English, which allowed me to travel around Japan and other parts of Asia.  

I was excited to return to Boston after being away for 6 years.  This time I am bringing my significant other, Fabio, who will be totally new to Boston.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outside – hiking, canoeing, kayaking.  I also enjoy cooking and trying new recipes (Italian dishes are my favorite!).  

PGY 4 Research Track Residents

Samir Awasthi, MD, PhD
University of California, Davis, School of Medicine

I’m from Dinuba, a small city in California’s Central (San Joaquin) Valley. I was born and raised in that area until I went off to high school in Santa Barbara (Cate School). From there, I moved to Boston for undergrad and a masters at MIT. I returned to California for the MD-PhD program at UC Davis, where I did research at the NSF Center for Biophotonics Science & Technology. There, I adapted techniques in nonlinear optics to address specific challenges in molecular and regenerative cardiology. In Psychiatry, I’m interested in applying my background in optical engineering to the development of interfaces that allow us to probe neurocircuitry in freely behaving animals. Clinically, I’m interested in neuromodulation and its integration with the broader practice of Psychiatry.

Some of the things I enjoy: craft beer, wine, cooking, aviation, staying in shape when I can, and succumbing to laziness. Also: planning my next trip and plotting my return to California. By 

Daniel Talmasov, MD
Stony Brook University School of Medicine

I grew up in Jamaica, Queens in New York City, where I could routinely hear at least half a dozen different languages being spoken, on my walk home from school alone. As I got older, I became a big fan of theater, music, and exploring different galleries around town. Around the time I went to college at the Stony Brook University, I began to find my direction in science, but I wasn’t sure if I should choose biology or physics; volunteering at the university hospital at Stony Brook helped me discover my calling and decide I wanted to work with people directly as a physician. In medical school, I also fell in love with research, and started my own project. After many nights and weekends in the lab over a couple if years, I published work demonstrating a protective role of the transcription factor, Krüppel-like factor 4, against gamma radiation induced intestinal injury.

During my clinical rotations in medical school, I found great satisfaction in working with patients suffering from complex behavioral syndromes in psychiatry; I also developed a love for the exacting and empiric nature of neurology. I was elated to come train at Longwood because of its diverse strengths and academic rigor. As I rotated through the neurology consult service towards the beginning of my intern year, it dawned on me that I would choose to pursue neurology in addition to psychiatry, and ultimately become a dual-specialist​, working at the interface of these two closely related fields. I am grateful to have been fortunate to enjoy the support of my program, peers, and faculty in pursuing this goal.

I’ve maintained an active interest in research, and have developed a particular interest in situations where neurologic lesions lead to the emergence of psychiatric syndromes. My current research is in lesion-induced (“secondary”) mania. I hope that working to understand neurologic causes of psychiatric symptoms will also lead to insights pertinent to better understanding primary psychiatric disorders.