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Pamela Mahon

Pamela Mahon, PHD

Assistant Professor, Departments of Psychiatry, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Research Focus: Aimed at understanding the causes, course of illness and outcomes of mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder and depression. Utilizing multidisciplinary approaches to answer these questions, integrating methods from neuroimaging, genomics and neuroendocrinology. Specific goals include characterizing neurobiological mechanisms leading to different illness trajectories and developing biomarkers to predict treatment response.


Jacob Taylor, MD, MPH

Associate psychiatrist, Brigham and women’s hospital, Associated scientist, the Stanley center for psychiatric research of the Broad Institute, Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Research Focus: Development of tools for collecting phenotypic data in large-scale psychiatric genetic studies as well as genotpye-phenotype analyses. Dr. Taylor is particularly interested in how to use molecular genetic data to inform efforts to improve psychiatric nosology

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