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tischler-suzukiPsychotherapy Training at the BWH/HMS Psychiatry Residency:

Psychotherapy is an important part of psychiatric treatment.  Numerous studies support what most of us have always believed – that psychotherapy, either as a sole treatment or in combination with medications is an important, evidence-based treatment for most psychiatric illnesses, including the most severe ones.  We believe that a competent psychiatrist should be skilled in psychotherapeutic treatments and be able to draw on them when appropriate with patients.

To accomplish this, we are using an apprenticeship model to give residents significant experience in psychotherapy while being guided by a skilled supervisor.  These experiences are reinforced by focused didactics that will ground residents in the theory, practice and research on psychotherapeutic techniques.

Residents will begin psychotherapy training in their PGY2, during which they will be able to follow 1-2 psychotherapy patients.  This experience will greatly expand in the PGY3, and continue into the PGY4.  Thus residents will have the opportunity to follow patients for an extended period to be able to directly experience the various stages and changes that occur in psychotherapy.

We encourage you to watch the short video below that outlines both our philosophy of and plan for psychotherapy training at BWH.

Psychotherapy Training

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