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Table of time allocated for scholarly projects across PGY1-4


10% time for 6 months
2 weeks Elective


10% time for 12 months
4 weeks Elective


10% time for 12 months
6 weeks Elective


10% time for 12 months
5 months Elective

hmsLongitudinal Supervision

Each resident will be paired with a Senior Psychiatrist who will mentor them throughout their residency experience, providing career counseling, guidance around focusing clinical and research interests, and establishing connections with additional content-specific mentors and supervisors.


Research teams

Residents will receive individual and small group supervision from research mentors to facilitate the development of scholarly projects and connect residents with the wealth of resources available to them within the Harvard network of institutions.


Awards and Scholarly Recognition

  • Each year the department will designate an internal research award for the best 1-2 scholarly projects, accompanied by a financial reward for academic or scholarly expenses
  • Mysell Award
  • Dupont Warren
  • Stanley Fellowship
  • Numerous internal funding sources and microgrants available through BWH, HMS, Partners Healthcare, etc.


Opportunities at affiliated institutions

The Brigham Department of Psychiatry has active collaborations and involvement/leadership with:

  • BWH Neurosciences Center (Institute for the Neurosciences)
  • BWH Center for Neurologic Diseases (Focus on neurodegeneration, neurodevelopment/stem cells, and neuroimmunology)
  • BWH Research Institute
  • BWH Education Institute
  • The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Harvard Medical School Department of Neurobiology
  • Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics
  • Harvard Medical School Initiative on Health, Religion and Spirituality
  • Harvard Medical School Department of Global Health and Social Medicine
  • Harvard Medical School Academy (for education)
  • The Harvard School of Public Health
  • Partners In Health (PIH – A leader in Global health)
  • Partners Research Computing
  • Harvard Mind, Brain and Behavior Interfaculty Initiative (spanning many disciplines and departments)
  • Harvard Catalyst (for Translational Research)
  • Harvard JFK School of Government
  • Harvard Business School
  • The Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (Genetics and Molecular Science)
  • MIT Media Lab
  • National Network of Depression Centers
  • McLean Hospital
  • Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MMHC)
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI)
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