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Mentorship &

Mentorship and Sponsorship of Brigham residents is one of the most rewarding parts of our faculty's work. It is a privilege to help shape the paths of our residents who will be the future leaders of psychiatry.

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"The best part of Brigham is the people. Your program leadership is truly invested in your growth, both personally and professionally. Your co-residents are genuinely kind and also inspiring. Your colleagues in other specialties are top-notch as well." 

-Jack Huang, MD, PGY2



Mentorship is an important element of the residency experience, forming the framework for resident growth and development, scholarship, networking and connection building, niche development, and pursuit of passions. At Brigham, we encourage our residents to seek out exciting opportunities to expand upon their clinical training and bring the field of Psychiatry into unprecedented domains. We facilitate and encourage our residents to gain individualized access to the full range of Harvard resources. We gladly work with our residents to support these modes of expansion, while still balancing their clinical growth.


















Each resident has a built-in mentorship relationship with the Program Directors formalized by individual meetings twice yearly to:

  • Review clinical and scholarly progress

  • Discuss and strategize career goals

  • Make essential connections to content, research and scholarship mentors

  • Plan for any expected or unexpected major life events

Program Directors are always available with open doors, drop-in virtual office hours, and by email and phone. 

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What is Sponsorship?

Sponsors are advocates who actively work to advance the career of the individuals they sponsor by giving them opportunities, connecting them to important people in their network, recommending them for bigger roles, advocating for their promotion, recommending them for awards or honors, and making sure they get assigned to the types of challenging projects that can help them grow.  Our faculty and leadership are committed to sponsoring residents for any and all opportunities that arise.

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