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The Department of Psychiatry is member of the Brigham and Women's Hospital Neurosciences Center and a leader in collaborative neuroscience research, from functional neuroimaging, to precision psychiatry and digital therapeutics, to women's hormone and aging research. 

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"I chose the Brigham for its unlimited research opportunities. The ability to pursue cutting-edge genetics research at HMS and the Stanley Center of the Broad Institute has been indispensable for my growth as a physician-scientist during residency."

-Yong Hoon Kim, MD, PhD, PGY4

Resident Research

Over the four years of training, residents become adept at critical appraisal of the medical literature and learn the latest technologies in psychiatry and neuroscience research.  Residents are exposed to elements of research design and scientific writing, and they are encouraged to present their work in the form of case reports, reviews, and presentations at regional and national meetings.  Residents who want to pursue a formal research project during residency are connected with research mentors who share similar interests and passions.  Residents interested in research career may consider the research track, which offers additional programming, opportunities for funding, preparation for research fellowship and grant writing. 

Research Faculty

David Ahern, PhD

Director, Digital Behavioral Health and Informatics Research Program

Digital behavioral health, intervention, service delivery, informatics

Hermioni Amonoo, MD, MPP

Associate Psychiatry Residency Program Director; Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Psychosocial oncology, medical comorbidities, intervention

Advisory Committee

Amit Anand, MD

Director, Translational Clinical Trials Program

Clinical trials, translational research, mood disorders, biomarkers, neuroimaging

Advisory Committee

Arthur Barsky, MD

Professor, Harvard Medical School

Psychosomatic illness, service delivery, placebo/nocebo

Katherine Burdick, PhD

Vice Chair for Research; Director, Mood and Psychosis Research Program

Neurocognition, immune function, clinical trials

Advisory Committee

Hongtu Chen, PhD

Co-Director, Program in Global Family Care for the Elderly and Social Change

Intervention, geriatric psychiatry, social and cultural factors, digital health, population health

Nancy Donovan, MD

Geriatric psychiatry, dementia, social isolation

Geriatric psychiatry, dementia, social isolation

Hadine Joffe, MD, MSc

Vice Chair for Academic and Faculty Affairs, Department of Psychiatry; Director, Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology

Reproductive neuroscience, sleep, depression, women’s mental health

Advisory Committee

Inga Koerte, MD, PhD

Investigator, Psychiatric Neuroimaging Lab

Brain injury, neuroimaging, CTE, sex differences

Michael Fox, MD, PhD

Director, Center for Brain Circuit Therapeutics

Precision approaches to neuromodulation, functional neuroimaging connectomics, movement disorders

Laura Holsen, PhD

Director, Holsen Laboratory

Obesity, stress, neuroendocrinology, functional MRI


David Kroll, MD

Associate Vice Chair for Program Development and Innovation

Service delivery and utilization, intervention, medical comorbidity

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Marek Kubicki, MD

Associate Director, Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory

White matter neuroimaging, schizophrenia, neuroinflammation, aging

Advisory Committee

Nomi Levy-Carrick, MD, MPH

Associate Vice Chair, Ambulatory Services; Founding Co-Chair, Brigham Health Trauma Informed Care Initiative

Trauma-informed care, social & cultural factors, medical ethics

Jessica Lipschitz, PhD

Associate Director, Digital Behavioral Health and Informatics Research Program

Digital health, implementation, digital phenotyping

Cindy Liu, PhD

Director, Developmental Risk and Cultural Resilience Laboratory

Child development, culture, health disparities, stress, social determinants of health

Advisory Committee

Lyall_Amanda (1).jpg
Amanda Lyall, PhD

Investigator, Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory 

Neurodevelopment, white matter neuroimaging, PET neuroimaging, psychosis

Pamela Mahon, PhD

Co-Director of Research Training, BWH/HMS Psychiatry Residency; Associate Vice Chair for Research; Director, Mood Trajectories and Outcomes Laboratory

Mood disorders, neuroimaging, genomics, epidemiology, women’s brain health, aging, biomarkers of treatment response

Advisory Committee

William Pirl, MD,MPH

Vice Chair for Psychosocial Oncology

Psychosocial oncology, palliative care, survivorship, intervention

Shaun Purcell, PhD

Director, Lab on Sleep Epidemiology, Genetics, Neurophysiology

Sleep neurophysiology, genetic epidemiology, computational methods

Advisory Committee

Yogesh Rathi, PhD

Director of Pediatric Imaging Computing, Psychiatric Neuroimaging Lab

Computational psychiatry, machine learning, developmental neuroimaging, biomarkers, neurostimulation

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Martha Shenton, PhD

Director, Psychiatric Neuroimaging Laboratory

Schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury, neuroimaging, psychopathology

Shan Siddiqi, MD

Director Psychiatric Neuromodulation Center for Brain Circuit Therapeutics

Neuromodulation, computational methods

David Silbersweig, MD

Chair, Department of Psychiatry; Co-Director, Center for the Neurosciences

Neuroimaging (fMRI, PET), phenomenology, behavioral neurobiology

Advisory Committee

Primavera Spagnolo, MD, PhD

Scientific Director, Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology. 

Stress, addiction, sex-differences, neurocircuitry

Joji Suzuki, MD

Director, Division of Addiction Psychiatry

Addiction psychiatry, intervention

Advisory Committee

Jacob Taylor, MD, MPH

Co-Director, Psychiatry Residency Research Training; Associate Psychiatry Residency Program Director

Genomics, phenomenology, neuropsychiatry, mood disorders, electronic medical records

Advisory Committee

Research Track

The Research Track is a four year program that provides residents who are interested in a primary basic science, translational, or clinical research career with substantial dedicated research time in a mentored laboratory, internal funding opportunities, and post-residency planning for research fellowship and/or faculty positions. Individuals interested in the research track should apply to both the Research and General tracks through ERAS.  When composing your rank list, the Research Track has a separate NRMP code (1270400C1).

Research Track Anchor
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